Personalization and wrapping always free....
Toddler Rockers
Finally a rocker for the little ones! Each rocker is available with a crown or arch back theme. Comes Personalized
with Design of Choice.

Small Rocker:
18" h X 10"w
8" Seat Height
Large Rocker 23" h X 12" w
10" Seat Height
Growth Chart
  A money bank and growth
chart in one. Childs height is measured in quarters as he or she grows.Holds almost
$200.00 when completely
filled. Personalized
and Wrapped.


Baseball and Bat Clothes Hanger

Comes Personalized
and Wrapped
36 X 4


Hand painted Clothes Hangers
Each are individually
painted using gloss non-toxic
paints and are keyholed on
the back for easy hanging.
Bull Dozer 10 X 14
Dump Truck10 X 14
Fire Truck 10 X 14
Sports 10 X 12
Comes Personalized
and Wrapped.
Hand painted Clothes Hangers
Each are individually hand painted using gloss non-toxic paints and are keyholed on
the back for easy hanging.
Crown: 13 X 10
Dress Up: 18 X 10
Heart: 6 X 14
Comes Personalized
and wrapped

Princess & Fairy Backpack

Princess and Fairy Backpack
with Removable
Plush Doll

11.5" X 8.5" X 4/5 "


Adorable Children's Backpack

Backpack comes with 4 removable stuffed animals. Great for Traveling Comes
in assorted styles.
Backpacks are 11 inches

Item comes wrapped in
clear cellophane with
curly ribbon


Chalkboard Art Box
This is a wonderful
storage bin with a slide-off chalkboard top. It comes
filled with 3 coloring books,
a 12 pack of colored
chalk, an eraser, an 8 pack
of crayons and 2 pencils!
Can be painted to any theme
Personalized and wrapped
Size: 16.5x11.5x5.25in.

Car Boxes:

Comes in blue or Red
Holds up to 16 cars (included)
Personalized and wrapped
Size:13.25 X 10.5 X 2


Arts and Crafts Utility Box:

Comes With Crayons, Chalk, Coloring Book,
and Paints. Can Be
Painted to Any Theme.
Size: 12 inches


Beach Bucket Play Set With Mesh Backpack
Princess Fun Box  

Set includes Personalized 9"
Beach Bucket, Star and Seahorse Sand Molds, Sand Sifter, Boat, and Large
Shovel. All Comes in a
Mesh Backpack.


Lego Storage Box
  This is a Wonderful
Storage Bin with a "Lego Block" Top. Painted to
Any Theme
Blocks Not Included. W/Block Plate on Lid.
Size: 11.5" x 7" x 5.75”
Gloss Finish


Puzzle Stools
puzzle stools  

Step Stools with removable puzzle piece designs.
Beautiful hand crafted Stool makes the perfect gift. Baby Shower,
Birthday, or any occasion. Stool measures 14 X 8.5 X 8" Tall.
It is made with non-toxic acrylic paint. Can be done in
natural wood or white. Your choice of colors for the name
and design (pastel, jewel or primary) Other Designs available
Contact Kiddie Antics at 800-905-5660
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery


Personalized Make Up Box
  Includes Box with Tray
Crown Shaped Eye Shadow
Coin Purse Filled With Lip Gloss Bling Ring Bling
Bracelet Jeweled Heart
Note Pad With
Matching Pen

Jewelry Accessory Box

Great for Storing All the Girls
Hair Bands, Beads, Make-Up, Etc. Box is 13.25 X 10.5 X 2.
Comes in Pink and Light Blue.
Rings, Lip Gloss, Tattoos,
Bracelets Included
Contents May Vary
Can be Painted to Any Theme

Cupcake Cookware Set
cupcake cookware  

Your child will be delighted to help in the kitchen with their own cooking set. Set includes: Machine washable quilted cotton oven mitt (5.5" X 8.25 ")
Dishwasher safe melamine Bowl
(4" X 6.5" X 6.5")
Wooden Spoon and Rolling Pin
Personalization and wrapping included in the price


Scooter Travel Case
Scooter Travel Case  

Travel in high style with the
scoot case. Foot powered ride
for kids to zoom around the airport, house, or outside. Includes storage area and pull strap. Fits in an overhead bin. Comes in light blue, pink and red
Can be personalized!


Adorable Princess Dress Up Bear
dress up princess bear  

Comes with 2 Bears and Princess and Ballerina
clothing to dress the Bears
Comes in a personalized Carrying Case